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 January 2011

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Welcome to Your New OnPoint!


JumpStart Your Greatness in 2011!


In our wish for a prosperous, successful, safe, healthy, and happy 2011 for you, remember that if you truly believe in a goal, never, never, never give up on it.  You may hit bumps in the road and run into naysayers but stay true to your goals and you will achieve your success.


In this issue of OnPoint, you will receive powerful success tools that will help you stay on course to achieving your goals.  One of the most powerful tools to help you along your success journey is expressing the value your bring to any opportunity.  Please take the time to read our success article with secrets that will help you exercise your "success voice."  Enjoy!  

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Featured Article:  

Success Article: Seven Secrets for Creating Outrageous Success in Your Life!

Free JumpStart Your Greatness in 2011 Success Series!

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Featured Article:

Success Article: Seven Secrets for Creating Outrageous Success in Your Life!

By Ed Sykes


By now you may have heard the ultimate success story: the “man with the golden voice.”  Ted Williams, a homeless man had a very special talent:  he has the beautiful voice of a radio announcer and voiceover professional.  Yet, he fell on hard times, took drugs and alcohol, lost his job and family, and resorted to living on the street and taking handouts on a busy street corner.  Then, one day a videographer who had heard about the man with the golden voice, interviewed Ted Williams and discovered that Ted truly had a voice of gold and a personality to match.

The video was aired on a local television newscast and took off from there, appearing on other stations, YouTube and social networking sites.  Other media stations started sharing Ted’s story.  The video was put on YouTube and social networking sites started sharing his story.  He started receiving hundreds of job offers, and now can pick and choose his opportunity and create his own success.

You don’t have to be homeless like Ted Williams to learn how to be successful.  However, you face a challenging situations and not know how to pull yourself out of your situation.  You may strove to create more success in your career or business and are looking for the tools to help get there. You can apply the following seven success secrets from Ted’s story:

  1. It’s Not What You Know, It’s Not Who You Know…

I recite the old saying during my programs, “It is not what you know, it’s who you know.”  In the 21st century, that no longer applies.  A better quote for success in the 21st century is, “It is not what you know, it is not who you know, it’s who knows what you know.” Ted used his sign and his interview to let other people know he had a talent:  his golden voice.


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It’s another new year with great expectations!  How will you stay focused and on course to achieving goals in 2011?  The following are some great, and in most cases, free goal-setting, time management, organizing tools to help you succeed.  Go to Goal Setting for your tools.


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Quote of the Day

“The best thing to give up in a New Year’s resolution is to give up giving up.” – Anonymous

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