Motivational Quotes: Finding More Success Today!

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Motivational Quotes: Finding More Success Today!

Motivational quotes can jump start your day.  Work to create a better day today than yesterday!

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Motivational Quotes: Smile and Learn for Success!

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Success Starts with a Smile, Learning, and Success!

Smiling, smile, coaching, coach, success, motivation, motivational quotes, Ed Sykes, the sykes groupMany motivational quotes talk about success.  This motivational quote talks about something we all have the ability to do…smile.  Smiling changes the way we feel about ourselves.

To increase the amount of smiling, you need to have a coach who can take away the worry, anxiety, and stress of starting and running your business  for success.  The following are five secrets for using a coach that will make you smile:

  1. Positive Communication – When communicating with you, the coach will use communication that shows ownership and empowerment. Instead of saying, “I think…,” “I hope…,” “we kinda…,” “maybe we could…,” “I like to…,” the coach will use words and phrases such as “we can…,” “we will…,” and “we need to….” These words and phrases convey a sense of ownership, empowerment, and expectancy of positive change.
  2. Clear Goal-Setting – Your coach will ask variations of these questions, “Where are you now?” and “Where do you want to be in one year, five years, 10 years, etc.?” The coach will work with you to develop a personalized plan or proven system that is flexible and fits your special needs. The coach will hold you accountable for achieving the plan and help you find ways to accomplish the plan.
  3. Motivational Ability – Your coach will find the motivating factors that are important to you and keep you focused on your goals based on these factors. Having established a close relationship with you, your coach will know when and how much to motivate you.
  4. Honest Feedback – Your coach will give you constructive, honest feedback so that you can take the steps to go to the next level in your career, business, and life. Many times when I coach individuals in organizations, the number one concern employees have is one or more of the following: “I never receive feedback on my performance,” “I only receive negative feedback,” or “I only receive feedback during my once-a-year performance review.”

Feedback is important for improvement.

Could you imagine a basketball coach never giving his team any feedback during the basketball game or season? Or even worse…only negative feedback? How would the individuals on the team know what areas to improve upon to succeed? Your coach’s feedback will keep you on track to be more successful.

Another important benefit of coaching is that it is confidential in nature. Just you and your coach will know what your goals are for success. Often the reason individuals don’t ask for help or guidance is because they don’t want others to know their weaknesses. Your coaching sessions are confidential and all feedback is kept between the participants.

  1. Making the Future Now – Your coach will help you see your future opportunities today and jumpstart you to take action immediately. Many times we will see our future opportunities but don’t know how to get there. The coach provides a “bridge” to help you move toward your opportunities and goals. Like the old saying goes, “If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.” The coach helps you achieve it by seeing the future now and having you act on it.

Enjoy the benefits of successful individuals and organizations if you are serious about creating success in your business, career, and life. Do what successful people do and find a coach that meets your unique needs and helps you accomplish your goals quickly. You will be amazed at the results.

Want to learn how to motivate your team members to achieve more? Our Team Building, Leadership, Change Management, or Assertive Communication workshops can help you motivate team members to achieve more.

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Motivational Quotes: Take Your Breath Away!

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Motivational Quotes:  Take Your Breath Away!

What brings joy to your life?  What or who takes your breath away?  Read additional motivational quotes, success ideas and techniques, and articles at

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Motivational Quotes: Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Opportunities!

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Motivational Quotes:  Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Opportunities!

motivational quotes, motivation, motivate, success, success quotes, Ed Sykes, motivational speakers, va, virginia beach, norfolk, hampton roads, chesapeake, the sykes groupWhat do you think the motivational quotes pertaining to success mean to you?  Want to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s opportunities?  Here is the secret:  today is the first day to preparing you for new opportunities in life.  When you are motivated to get out of bed with a purpose, focus on your goals, and take action, and you are preparing yourself for whatever opportunities that may come your way today or in the future.  Actually, The Sykes Group’s motto is “Preparing You Today for Tomorrow’s Opportunities.” That is because we believe in the actions you take today will prepare you for tomorrow’s opportunities.  You may not know what the opportunities are today.  You may not realize them until six months, a year, or ten years down the road.  But they are coming.

Here’s the true meaning of the motivational quotes pertaining to success and a success story where a of my students prepared herself today for tomorrow’s opportunities and achieved more success then she could even imagine:

I recently received a call from a past coaching student. As Senior Vice President of Human Resources at an international engineering company, she wanted to use my services again. Before we concluded our telephone conversation, she shared the following with me:

“I don’t know how much your coaching helped me at that time. I hated my job and the company I worked for and I knew I was better than that. Your coaching gave me the skills to gain confidence in myself and abilities. Soon after your coaching, I decided to pack my things, quit my job, and walk out the door without other prospects on the horizon,” she said. She also added, “I was scared of the unknown. But I knew I had to leave this situation and find something better.”

Well, she did! She explained that two days after leaving her dead-end job she found success. She was hired by her present company where she quickly rose up to the position of V.P. of Human Resources (since our initial conversation, she has received another promotion to Sr. V.P. of Human Resources). She’s looked at as an authority in the human resources field and is invited to speak at various industry conferences, and she is a trusted confidant of the company’s CEO. In her personal life, she married the love of her life. Most of all, she is happy! This happened all because she had the courage to walk through the door of success.

You too can find success on your terms if you are willing to walk through your door of success. The following are seven secrets to motivating yourself to walk through your door of success and achieve what you want in life:

  1. Know That You are Worthy of More in Life – Many times you will be situations, whether at work or home, for so long that you start to accept the state that you are experiencing. I see this many times when facilitate seminars and a student will come up to me and say, “I hate this job. It makes me sick.” I will then ask them how long have you been at your job? They will state that they have been there 10, 15, or even 20+ years. Don’t accept the pain anymore! Realize that you are worthy of more in life and you deserve better.
  2. Set Powerful Goals – Invest in yourself and take time to set success goals for yourself. Create goals that make you feel passionate. Create S-M-A-R-T-E-R (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based, encouraging, and rewarding) goals that motivate you to take action and keep you on track.
  3. Visualize Your Success – Visualize yourself already achieving your success. Take the time two or three times a day, preferably in the morning, midday, and before you sleep at night, and visualize yourself being successful at achieving your goals. The key to your success visualization is already being in the state of achieving your success. Include as much detail in your success visualization as possible. As they say, “If you believe it, and see it, you can achieve it.” See your success!
  4. Develop Your Success Skills – Educate yourself for the success you want to achieve. Acquire the skills by investing in classes, trade school, online education, and even volunteering. Move forward to making a better you and preparing yourself for future opportunities.
  5. Develop Your Mastermind Group – Develop a group of experts who will support you and your goals. This could be family members, co-workers and/or management, industry experts, professional associates, and mentors and coaches who will be honest with you and keep you on track.
  6. Develop Your Courage for Success – Understand that there will be naysayers and people along the way who will try to discourage you from achieving your success. They may even be family members who are comfortable with their own lives. You must develop the unshakable courage and conviction that you are worthy of more success in your life and move forward. Also, be courageous enough to ask for feedback from your mastermind group and extract the nuggets of wisdom they share with you.
  7. Take Action – You will not walk through your door of success unless you take the first steps. Take the necessary actions in spite of your fears. Fear is natural. Your success comes from realizing your fears and taking action anyway. Each time you do this, it will make you stronger and more prepared for future successes.

As you can see, it is not just motivational quotes we are talking about, it is way we approach success. Take action today so that you can enjoy your success once you walk through your door of success. Realize you are worthy of more success in your life, then apply the seven secrets and take the first steps to achieving more success in your life.

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Success Article: Overnight Success Comes with a Long Journey!

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Overnight Success Comes with a Long Journey: Seven Secrets to Achieving Success in Your Life!

success, success is journey, Journey, road, winding road, mountainous roadSuccess is expected overnight in the fast-paced, high-tech, time-sensitive world we live in today. Everyone sees the success, but not many see the journey one took to achieve that success. It’s like the following scenario:

First Friend: “Boy am I impressed, you are an overnight success!”

Second Friend: “Thanks, my success was twenty years in the making.”

You must be willing to travel a long, winding road to eventually get to your destination. There will be many obstacles along the way. The following are seven secrets that will help you achieve more success in a shorter time in your life:

  1. Know What You Want – This is easier said than done. Invest in the time to develop your goals. Develop goals in the personal, family, healthy, spirituality, etc. areas to create balance in your life. Your goals will be the start of your roadmap.
  2. Ignore the Naysayers – You will run into many people who would love to give you their opinion on why you will not be successful. These naysayers may even be your friends and relatives. Ignore the naysayers and listen to the people who can give you advice on how to be successful.
  3. Be Willing to Give 110% – I have personally seen many individuals give a half-hearted effort to achieve success and then wonder why they didn’t achieve their goals. To be successful, you must have a burning desire to reach your goal. With your burning desire, you will develop the effort and the energy to move towards your goal.
  4. Be the Expert – Whatever you want to do, gain the knowledge to be the expert in your field. Take classes, ask other experts, read industry journals, and surf the internet for the information you need to achieve success in your field. Like I always say, “The person in their field gets paid far more than a person in their field.” Be the person in your field who is recognized as an authority and is paid for their expertise.
  5. Be Willing to Fail – If you are not failing, your goals are not high enough. Get out of your safety zone and stretch yourself. Remember, failing along the way to your success is natural. Learn from your failure and gain the experience for future challenges.
  6. Focus, Focus, Focus – Concentrate on your success goals. Eliminate any distractions that might lead you astray. Go back over your success goals on a daily basis and make the hard choices to eliminate people, resources and activities that do not take you closer to your success. It is not easy, but it will be well worth it in the long run.
  7. Develop your Support Group – Develop a mastermind group of people who will share their experience and expertise with you. This mastermind group will be supportive of your success journey and give you the necessary feedback required to make your trip successful. Their valuable advice may not be what you want to hear, but it will be just what you need to hear.

Remember, your success is a never-ending journey. You will need the skills and resources to make your success trip successful. Apply the seven success secrets to your journey and your trip will be enjoyable and successful.  For more, success articles, techniques, and tools, go to