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Motivational Speaker, VA, Ed Sykes, The Sykes GroupEvery year an elite group of executive teams, corporate conferences, association meetings, and educational groups are motivated, inspired, and empowered to make a difference in their organizations after hearing dynamic presentations from Ed Sykes and Joy Fisher-Sykes.

Ed and Joy are much sought-after television personalities (NBC, PBS, NPR, and Fox), authors, national recognized motivational speakers, executive speech coaches, trainers, and success coaches based in Virginia Beach, VA.  Ed is the monthly guest leadership and technology expert on National Public Radio.  Ed have been providing solution-oriented programs to leading Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions since 1983 as a technology expert with Yourdon, Inc., then as Vice President of Global Learning Solutions for DSI Micro, before starting his own company, The Joy of Education, which later grew into The Sykes Group.

An advocate for women, Joy co-founded The Women’s Circle, a leadership group dedicated to helping women expand their horizons and realize the inherent strength, value and power they possess. She is also partnering with Old Dominion University to conduct the program Leadership for Women this spring. Joy serves her community by actively volunteering with various organizations including Toastmasters International and American Cancer Society.Motivational Speaker, VA, Joy Fisher-Sykes, The Sykes Group

Ed and Joy’s unique style of delivery is coupled with solid content and real life examples spiced with the right amount of humor that leaves any audience ready to take action!  They customize their programs to address the audience’s unique needs in an entertaining style that engages the audience to participate.  AWe connect quickly with our audiences by doing our homework, this shows them that we care about them, and it enables us to furnish them the information they need to reach success.

Their motivation, customer service, presentation skills, and leadership articles constantly rank in Google’s and Yahoo’s top ten list in those areas.  Their articles, “Eight Leadership Techniques for Outstanding Teams,”“Appreciate to Motivate: 5 Secret Keys to Successful Team Building” and “Ten Customer Service Secrets to Win Back Customers,” “Ten Tips for Outstanding Presentations,” are ranked #1 by the internet search engines Google and Yahoo as the most requested articles in the areas of leadership techniques, employee motivation, customer win back techniques, and presentation skills respectively.

Ed and Joy have just published the best-selling book, “Jumpstart Your Greatness:  Powerful Tips, Techniques, and Stories That Propel You to Greatness!” Ed was also featured, along with Les Brown and Brian Tracy, in the best selling motivation book, “Ordinary People Can Achieve Their Lofty Goals.”   Ed’s work and life leadership and customer relations ideas have been published in The New York Times, Newsday, The Virginian Pilot, BTNET, Diary Queen International, Black Enterprise Magazine, Video Professor Magazine, and Toastmasters Magazine.

Ed is  the monthly re-occurring guest technical expert of the National Public Radio Techno Centric segment on the HearSay with Cathy Lewis program.  This segment teaches organizations how to be successful using technology during our changing economy. He is also the e-commerce specialist for the U.S. Small Business Administration. Ed and Joy are also known for their volunteer work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  Their work as leadership mentors was show cased on WAVY News TV10 “Wednesday’s Child” three part series.  He also is a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.  He was the Chairperson of the highly successful 2010 American Cancer Society’s African American Men’s Health Conference.

Keynote Programs

Jumpstart Your Organization’s Greatness During Changing Times: Five Success Secrets to Bringing Passion, Excitement, and Greatness to Your Organization Everyday!

This exciting, innovative, and powerful keynote will give you the tools to create passion in your organization and exceed your goals.  You will learn how to create a motivated, goal focused, and mission driven organization each and everyday.  The five JumpStart secrets will open new organizational opportunities that take your organization to the top and leave the competition behind during changing times.

Communicate to Motivate: Powerful Communication That Get Outstanding Results

Organizations are investing billions of dollars on technology to get the edge on competition.  In most cases, you don’t need to spend a dime to get the edge.  All you need to do is motivate your employees to act with passion and accomplish your mission, goals, and values.  Communication is the key to motivation.  Ed shares his uplifting, fun, and active oriented tips, techniques, and insights that will motivate any employee to perform at their best.

Moments, Masterpieces, and Miracles: Five Secrets of Creating Passion in Everything You Do

This entertaining, innovative, and powerful keynote will give you the tools to recognized the “signposts” in your life and bring a new level of passion and excitement in your life.  You will accomplish more in life and enjoy doing it.  The five secrets will enable you to seize new opportunities, appreciate yourself and others while doing it, and achieve a new level of success.

Leadership is Not Pleaser-ship: Leadership Skills for Challenging Times
Few people are “natural born leaders,” but leadership can be learned and this presentation teaches it. You’ll get a practical blueprint for creating leaders that are ethical at every level in your organization and learn how to reach new heights.

Jumpstart Your Greatness: Five Secrets to Bringing Passion, Excitement, and Greatness to Your Life Everyday!

This exciting, innovative, and powerful keynote will give you the tools to create passion in your life and accomplish everything you want in life.  You will realize the difference you make each and everyday.  The five secrets will open new opportunities that you never realized were available and how to embrace them to achieve a new level of success.

Embracing Change: Enjoy The Power of Growth!

Change is not the question in which to pursue to arrive at a solution to the mysteries of life. Our reaction to change is the question! Sometimes the only thing we have the power to change is ourselves, but sometimes changing ourselves changes everything. This presentation explores the benefits of becoming a “champion of change” versus a change resister while recognizing change as an opportunity for growth.

Eight Customer Service Secrets to “JumpStarting” Your Customer Service During Challenging Times!

Challenging times demand that companies, government, and other organizations to be more responsive to their customer’s while remaining profitable.  This means your organization needs to exceed the needs of your internal and external customer every time.  Each person in your organization is a “customer service ambassador” who can create a wonderful experience for your customers.  Learn the eight customer service secrets to how every person in your in your organization can play an important part in living your organization’s mission, creating customer value, and creating a rewarding, productive, and empowering workplace.

Straight Talk: How to Use Assertive Communication During Aggressive Times
This straight-forward presentation explains how you can communicate to motivate.  You will learn the secrets to assertive communication that will have others follow up in a win-win situation.

To have Ed and/or Joy motivate your group or organization, call 757-427-7032, or e-mail them at info@thesykesgrp.com

What People Say About The Sykes Group

“We had a department wide challenge and bought other coaches in to resolve it. It didn’t work. Joy and Ed came in and connected with our employees so that the challenge was eliminated and we were able to meet our goals.” – Oliver Allen, Director EEOC, DOJ/DEA

“I’ve been to seminars by the Navy and also been to Stephen Covey training and by far your training was the best.  You use real life situations that make sense to me instead of gimmicks.  Because of this I am able to immediately go out and apply what I learned on the job and in life.” Jack Pendleton, Contracting Officer, U.S. Navy/FISC


“It doesn’t matter if it is two, four, or eight hours, Mr. Sykes constantly keeps our audiences hanging on very word during our training conferences.  He inspires our membership to not only learn but also immediately apply any techniques learned in his programs.  His Teambuilding program takes our employees to a new performance level that I have never seen before.  We are always fortunate to have Mr. Sykes as a speaker.”Wanda Lowe, Past President, Virginia Association of Educational Office Professionals


“I just finished Covey training. After going through The Sykes Group’s Perfect Employee program, I was able to implement far more tools to be successful in my career.  Wow!” – Pamela Harrell, U.S. Army


“Your presentation “Public Service Magic-How to Turn Challenging Situations into Great Opportunities” was outstanding.  Not only did you entertain our audience with your humor, wisdom and passionate stories, but you provided techniques and information they could use immediately to handle difficult situations in their personal and professional life.”Esther Coleman, Executive Director, The American Association of School Personnel Administrators

“Ed Sykes is one of the most exciting presenters I have seen – and I have seen many.  Relevant, funny and knowledgeable”Joan Williams, Director of Training & EEOC, U.S. Department of Navy, HRSC East

“Ed’s knowledge and expertise covers a broad range of training skills from “Bottom-Line Customer Service” to “Factors of Successful Leadership.  Mr. Sykes evaluations have always been outstanding.  His professional commitment and qualities of integrity and dependability make Ed an asset to any organization.”Judith Vinson-Klein, Program Planner, City of Virginia Beach Adult Learning Center

“Your presentation was outstanding!  The overall attitude of our employees has become much more positive.  Some of the comments I heard were: “Wow, Mr. Sykes is an inspiring presenter, he makes us think and encourages interaction,” “Outstanding workshop.  Best customer service workshop I have ever attended.” Needless to say, we are very pleased and proud to have been able to secure a speaker with your expertise.”Tony Valentine, Asst. Vice President, Norfolk State University.

“The reaction to your presentation, “Excellence in Leadership,“was overwhelmingly positive.  Some of the direct quotes were: “you made the course,” “maintained excellent stimulation of interest even when going over difficult subjects,” “who could ask for a better instructor,” “Ed’s use of humor, anecdotes, and personal business stories make the classes entertaining and easy to learn.”  We are very pleased that this program has been so well-received.”Deborah Nemeth, Vice President, Cendant Corporation

To have Ed and/or Joy motivate your group or organization, call 757-427-7032, or e-mail them at info@thesykesgrp.com

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