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Motivational Quotes: Thinking to Take You to a Higher Level

Motivational Quotes:  Thinking to Take You to a Higher Level

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Veterans Day: Thank You to All Who Have Served!

Veterans Day:  Thank You to All Who Have Served!

Veterans Day, Veterans Day Holiday, remember veteransThis Veterans Day, please join me in recognizing these brave men and women who have served our Nation as part of the United States Armed Forces. Let us acknowledge their service and honor their sacrifice. Let us offer a solemn prayer for those who gave – in the words of President Lincoln – the last full measure of devotion for this country.

To understand the history of Veterans Day, go to the following link at

Thank you again for all that you do and continue to do!

Social Media Marketing Seminar for Small Business Owners

Social Media Marketing Seminar for Small Business Owners

Social media marketing is an important part of the entrepreneur’s toolbox.  As an entrepreneur, you need to “break through the noise” so that you can promote your products or services and grow your bottom line.

By using social media in your marketing mix, it increases your opportunity for success.  Yet, many entrepreneurs continue to use only 20th century marketing techniques to sell their products or services.  They lose out on market-share opportunities everyday!

If you have a product, service, or cause that you want to sell, this is the free seminar for media, social media marketing, social media seminar, social media class, social media workshop, marketing, business marketing, City of Chesapeake, Ed Sykes, the sykes grp

Some of the marketing secrets that Ed will share with you are:

  • How to develop a marketing strategy that creates a growing list of customers
  • What is the best social media platform to promote your product, service, and business
  • How to use search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website
  • How to use Facebook to grow your mailing lists
  • How to use Pinterest to increase sales
  • How to use video marketing to increase your customer base
  • What are the new social media trends that can help your business
  • And much, much, more!!!

Space is limited. RSVP by 11/10 at 757-382-8040 or go to


Presentation Skills: Tom Magliozzi the Master of Engaging the Audience


Presentation Skills: Tom Magliozzi the Master of Engaging the Audience

Tom Magliozzi, CarTalk, public speaking, humor, communication, Ed Sykes, presnetatioin skills, presentation skills coach, public speaking coach, va, virginia beach, norfolk, hampton roads, the sykes grpPresentation and audience engagement skills are required from every presenter.  Especially if your audience can’t see you.  We lost a master at that today.  Tom Magliozzi, one of public radio’s most popular personalities, died on Monday of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 77 years old.

This is not the usual post that I put on my blog, but it is well worth it. Tom, along with his brother Ray, was a great radio presenter and humorist,  Tom would downplay the enormous talent he had to connect with his audience.  Many of my public speaking students can learn from the presentation skills techniques used on his show, Car Talk on NPR.

Here’s what presentation skills I learned from Tom:

  • Engaged the audience
  • Make people laugh
  • Let the “real you” come out
  • Leave your audience with a cliff hanger
  • Have fun

Rest in peace Tom.  I am sure you are making everyone laugh in heaven.

Enjoy the following audio clip about Tom at

Motivational Video: Take No Days Off for Success!

Motivational Video:  Take No Days Off for Success!

The following motivation video shares the success secrets for achieving more in life.  This motivational video will give you the courage and motivation to overcome obstacles in your life.

It was filmed in my son’s gym, Great Game Athletics.  My son Chris is also in the film (wearing the black shirt).

What nuggets of motivational wisdom can you receive from this success video?  Enjoy this motivational video and get motivated!