JumpStart Monday: Motivational Quotes for Great Career Opportunities


“Our problem in the immediate future will be not the lack of opportunities for the really motivated, but the lack of motivated people ready and able to take advantage of the opportunities.” – Buck Rogers

Five Secrets to Creating More Career Opportunities in the 21st Century!

In the 21st century, career opportunities in the job and employment marketplace are changing fast, and morphing all the time.  In order to successfully take advantage of these career opportunities, you must develop a different mindset.  Let me share this story that illustrates my point:

In high school, my best friend and I went to his house to hang out.  While there, his father asked what was I going to do when I finished high school.  I said I was going to go to college.  When my friend said he was going to college also, his father said, “You don’t need college.  Get a good job at the post office, get their benefits, and get a good retirement.” As we see, that is not the case anymore.   The era of staying twenty years at one company, enjoying bountiful benefits, and getting the “gold watch” at retirement is a thing of the past. 

It has been said that a person will change their careers an average of seven times.  Another report in USA Today stated the corporations of 21st century will be comprised of 60% contractors and only 40% employees.  Why?  Because corporations and other organizations need to be flexible with their resources and quickly acquire the skills needed to take advantage of opportunities to beat the competition.

So what does that mean for your career opportunities?  It means that, in the 21st century job marketplace you will need to acquire the overall skills and attitude to be successful in your careers.  The following are five secrets to creating more successful career opportunities and being prosperous in your life:

  1. Develop an entrepreneurial attitude for career opportunities – What is an “entrepreneurial attitude?”  It is a small business mindset that looks for opportunities and takes advantage of those opportunities.  Even though you may work for a business or organization, if you think and behave as if you are in business for yourself and are increasing your career opportunities by managing your “business” opportunities.  Constantly look for “areas of improvement” and be ready to present solutions.  This will increase your value in the organization, let other people know that you can create solutions, and prepare you for future opportunities within or outside of the organization.
  2. Be Flexible for career opportunities – According to a recent survey, in the 21st century, the average worker will experience seven different career opportunities.  What does this mean?  Although, in the past you worked on just one career, now you need to explore several career opportunities so that you are prepared for the career changes that are guaranteed to come your way.  Be proactive and explore the career opportunities and advantages and disadvantages of each career.  Remember, it is not a matter of if your career will change; it is a matter of when.  Be prepared. (Read the rest of the article at Career Opportunities)
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