JumpStart Monday: Motivational Quotes for Outstanding Leadership


“A business is a reflection of the leader.  A fish doesn’t stink just from the end, and a company doesn’t succeed or fail from the bottom.” – Gary Feldmar

In this changing, challenging, and competitive workplace we can’t overestimate the importance of good management.  Good managers will consistently motivate you to perform at higher levels of productivity.   Bad managers will drive you crazy and eventually out of the organization.  Managers with poor skills will frequently produce the following results:

  1. Decreased productivity
  2. Increased turnover
  3. Increased absences
  4. Increased human resources mediation situations
  5. Increased customer service complaints

The following are seven secrets to being the “perfect” leader everyone want to work for:

  1.   Leadership means Creating a Vision – The best leaders not only assign tasks or monitor performance.  They plan for the future and motivate others to see the same vision so they can all thrive to accomplish that vision. (Read more at Outstanding Leadership)


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