Love Your Goals! How to Create Passion for Success!


Love Your goals, achieve successIt’s Valentine’s Day in the United States! While we are romancing the love ones in our lives, are we still in love with the goal or goals we set in the beginning of the year? Are we still passionate about the success we will achieve once we achieve our goals?

The following is an goal setting article on how we can be passionate about achieving our goals all year around.

It’s that time of the year when you are motivated and ready to take on the whole world. You know you need to set goals, but in the past you have set goals with mixed results. However, this year goal setting will be different. This year you will be S-M-A-R-T-E-R to romance your goal setting.

Romance your goals? What am I talking about? Think about a great romance you are experiencing or did experience. What makes or made your romance great? Passion. Well, we are going to create passion for your goals by applying these techniques so that you will achieve more in life.

The following are seven secrets to romance your goals for success:

  • Set Specific Goals – When you were searching for romance, you had a specific idea of what type of person excited you. Suppose someone asked you, “What would this person look like?” or “What qualities or attributes are important to you?” Most likely you could, with out even blinking an eye, describe what type of person would excite you. In other words, what person would create passion in you? You probably visualized how this person looked, sounded, acted, and even smelled. Because you visualized this mate, “You would know it when you saw it.”

Apply the same techniques to your goal setting. Take the time to visualize exactly what you want to accomplish. Take a few minutes, find a quiet place, relax, close your eyes, and think about what you want to accomplish in life. What is it and what does it feel like? The more senses you involve in your visualization, the more real it becomes, and the more passion you have concerning your goals. The more detail the better.

Know what you want!

To read the rest and learn how to love your goals, go to Goal Setting.

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