Motivational Quotes: It’s the Journey to Achieving Your Goals That Count!


Motivational Quotes:  It’s the Journey to Achieving Your Goals That Count!

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Have you noticed that you’ve experienced much change over the past year, months, weeks, and even days? Your situation may have changed due to the challenges presented by these changing times, and you may ask yourself if you have achieved your goals of the past year. How do we go about starting our goal-setting activity with all of this change happening around us?

The following seven goal-setting steps will help you successfully implement your goal-setting and achieve your dreams in the future in these changing times:

  1. Successful Goal Setting Requires Thinking About Your Goals – You are told how to think and what to think about each and every day. From when we get up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, television, radio, personal computer, family, friends, managers, and colleagues tell us how to think, feel, and act.
  2. Successful Goal Setting Requires Writing Your Goals – Nothing happens in goal setting unless you write your goals and put these goals on paper. Put a pen to paper and you are ahead of all ninety-five percent of other people because they do not write down their goals and then wonder why they are unhappy in their business, their career, and their life. Take the time to write down your goals. It doesn’t need to be perfect the first time; successful goal setting is an ongoing process that will change as you accomplish your goals.
  3. Successful Goal Setting Requires Shorter Time Periods – Break the length for your goals into shortened time periods. This allows you adjust as needed in changing times. For example, break your goals into twenty-year, ten-year, five-year, one-year, six-month, monthly, weekly, and daily increments. This will allow you to gauge whether you are on course to accomplishing your goals, or whether you need to make adjustments to get back on track.  (Read the rest of the article at Powerful Goals)
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