Motivation: Develop the Environment for Success

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Motivation: Develop the Environment for Success

motivation, motivational quotes, success, success quotes, team, team buildingMotivation is an ongoing challenge in the workplace.  Priorities change, new barriers appear, and life’s challenges get in the way of staying motivated.  In order to provide employee motivation and achieve outstanding success, you must consistently work at it.

The following are five motivation techniques to keep your employees motivated even during the most challenging times:

  1. Create Exciting Goals – Motivate your employees by connecting your organization’s goals to the needs of your employees.  If your employees feel their actions will benefit the organization and their own best interests, your employees will be motivated to achieve your goals.  Include your employees in the goal setting process so they have ownership in making the goals.
  2. Communicate the Big Picture – As a leader and motivator, you need to use every opportunity to share your organization’s mission, goals, and values.  This motivates your employees to stay focused on the overall picture.  They will better understand why they are taking actions for the organization.  Your employees will also understand how they make a difference.
  3. Embrace Change – Motivate your employees by being excited about the changes happening in your organization.  Nothing is more demoralizing than a leader not being happy about the changes and not taking ownership for implementing the changes.  Take the time to understand the benefits of your organization’s changes and how you can successfully implement those changes with your employees on board.  Communicate excitement about this new opportunity and how they will benefit from the change.  Take the time to solicit your employee’s ideas, feelings, and suggestions.  Motivate your employees, whenever possible, by informing them about the actions you have taken based on their feedback and suggestion.  This will excite your employees to know that they are making a difference in the organization.
  4. Use Adversity to Motivate Your Team – There will be adversity in any organization.  Our success depends on the way we can motivate our team to handle any adversity.  Employee motivation depends on communicating that you believe in their ability to deal with the adversity.  Your number one job is to provide the motivation that will inspire your employees to defeat whatever adversity comes your way.  Include your employees in the solution creation process. Share as much detail as possible with your team.  When any leader says, “It is need-to-know,” your teams feels they are not included in creating the solution.  Motivate them by stressing that the team bonding together will gain success.
  5. Motivate by Being Ahead of the Curve – Employee motivation is not about seeing your employees as they are now.  It is about seeing your employees for what they can become.  Share with your employees the potential you see in them.  Give them specific steps to achieve that potential.

Motivation is an ongoing process.  An outstanding leader realizes this and works to motivate their employees every day.  Make the investment to apply the above motivation techniques and you will experience exceptional success in your organization.

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Motivation Quotes: Seize Opportunities for More Success!

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Motivation Quotes:  Seize Opportunities for More Success!

Success, Motivational Quotes, Success quotes, motivation, success

Success is all around us if we just look for it.  Sometimes we unintentionally block success from finding us by the actions we take in our lives.

Recently, I was invited to speak about success to the students at the business department at a university.  As I stood at the door to the auditorium, out of the first twenty students who walked by, nineteen had their heads down working with their smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices.  Instead of embracing the opportunity to connect with someone who could possibly further their careers, they choose to stay engaged with their devices.

How many of you may be doing this every day?  Maybe you have seen others doing the same thing.  We are so busy looking down at our devices that we might be missing opportunities directly in front of us.  The opportunity could be the person you have been trying to connect with for a job or career opportunity.  It could be an event that will give you the idea to create a successful business.  You could be someone who might turn into your perfect mate.  You get the idea.

The following are three success secrets to being engaged so that more opportunities come your way:

  1. Make an Effort to Look Up – Always value people over things.  Whenever you have opportunities to be among people, put down the devices and engage with the people.  First, it is a sign of respect and says to the other person that they are important.  Second, when you are looking up and creating eye contact, it makes it easier for other people to approach you and engage in conversation.  Devices can give you the information, but people can make the decision on your future success.
  2. Focus on the Conversation – When you’re in a personal or business conversation, do not conversation, people talkingconsistently sneak looks at your device.  It is rude and disrupts the flow of the conversation.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen conversations where the it started off great.  Then as soon as someone brings out a device, the flow of the conversation becomes choppy, sentences are shortened or stopped, and potential opportunities are lost.  Keep your devices out of sight in your pocket.
  3. Take Time Away from Technology – Take a “technology time-out.”  Believe me, you can do it.  Whether it is an hour or a day, leave your device at home, go outside and reconnect with yourself or others.  You will recharge your batteries and become creative in other ways.  You will find solutions to opportunities you didn’t think of when you were using your digital devices.  Your stress level will decrease, and you will find success more enjoyable in your life.

Create your success by implementing the above tips.  Looking up and engaging with others will help you be more successful in your career, your business, and in your life!


Motivational Quotes: Inspire Others Around You!

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Motivational Quotes: Inspire Others Around You!

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