Motivation Article: Motivate Someone on National Compliment Day!


Motivation Article: Motivate Someone on National Compliment Day!

Motivation is the engine that can start someone’s day off right!  January 24th is National Compliment Day! Take the time today to show your appreciation to a team member, manager, friend, or family member and give a compliment. You never know how a compliment could make or break the other person’s day and motivate your team or organization to achieve success in this very competitive environment.
The follow resource will give you the secrets to appreciating your employees and motivate them to motivation, national compliment day, motivate, success, motivational speakers, va, hampton roads, virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake,Ed Sykes, the sykes group, achieve success as a team:
Why don’t more managers, owners, and employees give appreciation?  Some people state they don’t know how to give it.  Others don’t know what to give appreciation for in the work environment.  Yet others say they are too busy to give appreciation.    I think this is the biggest sin of managers, being too busy to give appreciation for a good job well done.  Remember what the old transmission commercials used to say, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.”  Well, that is what giving appreciation is about.  You can invest in your employees now and “pay” them with sincere appreciation and achieve even better performance.  Or you will “pay” later by seeing your team’s

 performance sink, corrective actions and coachings increase, and overall morale decrease.

    The following are five motivation tips to giving sincere appreciation that will motivate your team to soar to a higher level and achieve more:

  1. Be Specific – In order to get the same behavior or action again, you need to let the employee know exactly what action(s) you are appreciating.  For example, the typical appreciation attempt sounds like this: 

Manager:  “Mike, you did a great job earlier today.  Keep up the good work!”

Mike:  “Thanks.” (Mike is thinking what is he complimenting me on?  

The correct way:

 Manager:  “Mike, you did a great job on the report earlier today.  I can see you invested a lot of time on the report by the detail you put in it.  I really appreciate the effort.  Thank you.”

Mike:  I appreciate you noticed the time I put into the report.  Thanks.”  (Mike is thinking the manager really did read it and appreciates his effort.  I will be glad to do it again.) 

    As you can see, the employee has a clear understanding of what action the manager is showing appreciation for and he is motivated to take on the project again.

  1. Be Timely – Make sure you show appreciation as soon as possible for the action you appreciate.  The further the distance in time between the appreciation and the action the less impact it will have to motivate the employee.

Manager:  “Mike, the report you submitted six months ago was great.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks!”

Mike:  “Thanks, I think.  What report are you taking about?”

    Always find the time to show appreciation in a timely manner.  Even if you need to drop something else, take time to appreciate your employees and co-workers.

To learn the rest of the motivation secrets and learn how to appreciate your employees, to Appreciate to Motivate.

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Achieve Your Goals in 2011! Tools to Help you Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals in 2011! Tools to Help you Achieve Your Goals

“Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.” – Alexander Dumas, Davy de La Pailleterie, French Writer

It’s another new year with great expectations!  How did you do with your goals in 2010?

Well, if you accomplished all of your goals or didn’t quite make kit, we will be sharing with you on HearSay with Cathy Lewis on NPR some great tools for keeping you on track so that you will accomplish more this year.  The following are some Goal, compass, goals, goal setting, goal-setting, setting goals, Ed Sykes, the sykes groupgreat, and in most cases, free goal-setting, time management, organizing tools to help you succeed:

Goal-setting articles and programs:

Online goal-setting and organizing tools:

Productivity Software:

FruitTime Software:

NotifyMe 2:

OpenOffice Productivity Templates:

Excel Productivity Templates:

ManicTime (good for keeping track of time spend on social media sites):


If you are in the Hampton Roads area, you can tune into WHRV-89.5FM at 12 Noon EST or stream the broadcast at

Create a Great 2011 and Beyond!

Happy New Year and Success Wishes!

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Success Wishes and Happy New Year!

“The best thing to give up in a New Year’s resolution is to give up giving up.” – Anonymous

In our wish for a prosperous, successful, safe, healthy, and happy 2011 for you, remember that if you truly believe in a goal, never, never, success, Goal Setting, goal setting, goal-setting, new year wishes, happy new year, ed sykes, the sykes groupnever give up on it.  You may hit bumps in the road and run into naysayers but stay true to your goals and you will achieve your success.

Go to the following success resources for additional help achieving your goals:  Achieving Goals

Customer Service Starts with a Can Do Attitude: Five Secrets to Winning, Creating, and Keeping Repeat Customers

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Customer Service Starts with a Can Do Attitude:  Five Secrets to Winning, Creating, and Keeping Repeat Customers

Let me share with you the following can do customer service story on how you can outperform your competition and win customers every day.

can do,can do attitude, can do customer service,customer service,customer satisfaction,customer,customers,customer service skills,good customer service,customer relationship, motivated customer service, customer service motivationOn our road trips to New Jersey to facilitate a motivation program for a client, Joy and I make it a habit to order food from a particular fast food restaurant. Although the food is not nutritious, it tastes good and is so famous that there was a movie made about the adventures of two people searching for this restaurant (Hint: Harold and Kumar are the two main characters).

During a recent road trip, as we approached the restaurant, we noticed that the lights were out in several of the businesses leading up to it. Nearing the front door of the restaurant, we noticed a sign that read “Restaurant Closed Due to Power Outage. Sorry for the Inconvenience.” Well, we were not to be denied. We hopped back into the car and drove up to the drive through window and tapped on it. We asked what happened, and the restaurant employee apologized for the inconvenience and explained that a storm had come through the area and knocked out power in their business and they were in the process of bringing power back up.

We explained that we drove many miles and make it a habit to frequent their restaurant when in the area and asked if they could do anything for us. With a smile, she turned to her co-workers to get agreement on what they could do as a team and then explained, without hesitation, shared the following:

  • “We have one burner up and running so we can make any type of hamburger for you. What would you like?
  • “Our shake machine is still frosty so we can give you free milk shakes, on the house, for your inconvenience”
  • “Our fryer is up so we can make fries or onion rings for you, which would you like?

We were delighted with the service as the employees quickly and cheerfully put together our order. She could have taken a “can’t do” attitude and not answered our knocks on the window or told us they were closed. She could have used the storm damage as an excuse not to serve us. But instead, she displayed a “can do” attitude for creating and winning customers no matter what the situation.

Whether you work in a restaurant or office environment, serve internal or external customers, or work in an environment that expects results, the following are five essential secrets to developing a “can do” customer service attitude and creating repeat customers:

To read the rest of the article and other business resources…

Vocal Variety Is the Spice of Outstanding Presentations: Seven Secrets to Creating an Engaging, Entertaining, and Persuasive Speech

Vocal Variety Is the Spice of Outstanding Presentations

vocal variety, presentation, presentations, public speaking, presentation skills, public speaking skills, Ed Sykes, presentation skills coach, presentation skills class, presentation skills workshop, va, virginia beach, hampton roads, the sykes groupVocal variety is a key tool for creating interesting, engaging presentations.  I was recently coaching one of my presentation skills students, and he shared that during a business meeting he was following another speaker.  Just before he was to speak, one of his colleagues asked him the following question:

“You are not going to be boring, are you?

Knowing and seeing my student in action, I knew he was not boring.  I suggested to my student that what the questioner was really asking was, “You are not going to be like the last speaker I heard with their monotone presentation style, are you?”

Just as spices make your favorite meals more delicious to eat, vocal variety, the way we use our voice, vocal rates, pitch, tone, pausing, makes your presentation appetizing to the audience’s ear.  When using a monotone voice to convey your message, you will lose your audience and your message will lose its power.  When you use vocal variety in your presentation, you create a more engaging, entertaining, and persuasive audience experience.

The following are seven secrets to developing your vocal variety and giving an outstanding presentation every time:

  1. Read a Children’s Book Out Loud – Children’s books are wonderful tools for working on vocial variety, book reading, presentation, presentations, public speaking, presentation skills, public speaking skills, Ed Sykes, presentation skills coach, presentation skills class, presentation skills workshop, va, virginia beach, hampton roads, the sykes groupyour vocal variety.   If read correctly, you will see the wonder in a child’s face as you share the excitement of the story.  The same holds true when you tell a story when presenting to an audience.  By using your powerful vocal variety skills, you will engage the audience with your presentation.
  2. Punctuate Your Notes – Use bold face, underline, and italicize key words in your speech so that you know when to accentuate key words.  Add extra space or add additional dots between words or sentences to show pauses.  Customize your annotations to fit your needs in front of the audience.

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