Presentation Skills: Five Secrets to Having Fun When Making a Presentation!


Presentation Skills: Five Secrets to Having Fun When Making a Presentation!

presentation skills, Ed Sykes, Barbara Hamm Lee,  WHRO, PBS pledge drive, the sykes groupThe following are five presentation skills secrets to having fun while you are presenting and making the experience enjoyable for your audience:

  1. Prepare Early – It is no fun when you have a presentation coming up and you have not prepared yet.  This is when you start to feel the anxiety and not being prepared and you start to panic.  That is no fun!  Ask questions and find out about what possible roadblocks you may experience as the presenter so that you can overcome them.  Prepare early and often for an enjoyable presentation.
  2. Know Your Audience – Tune into what the audience wants from your presentation.  Ask your contact about recent challenges, goals, and audience walkaways.  The more you understand your audience’s needs, the more you will create a great presentation that is informative and enjoyable for the audience.
  3. Know Your Goals – You need to understand what your goals are when presenting.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish with this speech?” Or “What do I want the audience to feel, do, or think about at the completion of my presentation?”  The better you understand your goals, the better your presentation will be for you and your audience.
  4. Create a Fun Mindset – Anybody can be serious when presenting.  When you master your presentation skills, you can develop your fun mindset.  Whenever I present, I work on my fun mindset.  This includes visualizing me interacting with my audience in a fun way.  I also think about what humorous stories I can share with the audience to make it a fun experience for them.  If the audience is having fun, I am having fun and the presentation goes smoothly.
  5. Let Your Passion Come Out –  The audience will have fun if you show you are having fun.  How do you do that? First, concentrate on smiling.  If you have a big, bold smile, the audience will feel you are sincerely having fun while you are presenting.  Second, use your voice to show how much fun you are having.  Mastering your vocal variety (pitch, tone, pausing, the rate of speech, etc.) will show how passionate you are about the presentation.  And three, use gestures and body language to express excitement and fun for the audience.  Quick, purposeful movements will show you are speaking with passion.

Learn how to create fun for your audience and you will have fun presenting.  Master your presentation skills so that you can create a fun, enjoyable experience for successful speeches.

Example:  Ed Sykes during PBS pledge drive for WHRO.

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