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Motivation for Outstanding Employee Results: Five Secrets to Motivating Your Employees!

Motivation for Outstanding Employee Results: Five Secrets to Motivating Your Employees!

motivation, success, team building, teambuilding, employee motivation, Ed Sykes, the sykes group, va, virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, hampton roads, motivational speakersMotivation is an ongoing challenge in the workplace.  Priorities change, new barriers appear, and life’s challenges get in the way of staying motivated.  In order to provide employee motivation and achieve outstanding success, you must consistently work at it.

The following are five motivation techniques to keep your employees motivated even during the most challenging times:

  1. Create Exciting Goals – Motivate your employees by connecting your organization’s goals to the needs of your employees.  If your employees feel their actions will benefit the organization and their own best interests, your employees will be motivated to achieve your goals.  Include your employees in the goal setting process so they have ownership in making the goals. (Read the rest of the article at Outstanding Employee Results)

Success Article: Three Secrets to Creating Opportunities by Looking Up for Success!

Three Secrets to Creating Opportunities by Looking Up for Success!

success, success stories, technology, being aware, opportunities, Ed Sykes, motivational speakers, motivation, va, virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, hampton roads, the sykes groupSuccess is all around us if we just look for it.  Sometimes we unintentionally block success from finding us by the actions we take in our lives.

Recently, I was invited to speak about success to the students at the business department at a university.  As I stood at the door to the auditorium, out of the first twenty students who walked by, nineteen had their heads down working with their smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices.  Instead of embracing the opportunity to connect with someone who could possibly further their careers, they choose to stay engaged with their devices.

How many of you may be doing this every day?  Maybe you have seen others doing the same thing.  We are so busy looking down at our devices that we might be missing opportunities directly in front of us.  The opportunity could be the person you have been trying to connect with for a job or career opportunity.  It could be an event that will give you the idea to create a successful business.  You could be someone who might turn into your perfect mate.  You get the idea.

The following are three success secrets to being engaged so that more opportunities come your way:

  1. Make an Effort to Look Up – Always value people over things.  Whenever you have opportunities to be among people, put down the devices and engage with the people.  First, it is a sign of respect and says to the other person that they are important.  Second, when you are looking up and creating eye contact, it makes it easier for other people to approach you and engage in conversation.  Devices can give you the information, but people can make the decision on your future success.  (Read full article at Looking Up!)

Motivational Quotes: Act on Our Dreams Today!

Motivational Quotes: Act on Our Dreams Today!

motivational quotes, motivation, motivational, success, success quotes, dreams, living dreams, success and inspirational quotes, Ed Sykes, motivational speakers, va, virginia, virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, hampton roads, the sykes groupHow many times in our lives have we said the following?

  • If I had more time, I would have acted on my dream…
  • If I didn’t need this job, I would have pursued my dream of…
  • If only I had (you fill in the blank) ten years ago, I would have achieved my dream of…

I am sure you can add a dozen more “If I” dream statements. There are people going through life everyday working at jobs they hate, in situations they tolerate, and living a life that they disown because they settled for an “If I” mindset.

What is the secret between the person who is achieving his/her dream life and the person who is just wishing for a dream life? The following are five techniques for living your dream and achieving more in life:

  1. Understand Your Options and Live Your Dreams – We have options in our life. Do we follow the road everyone else is taking or do we travel the road less traveled to achieve our dreams? We have the option to look at life’s challenges as a way to find creative solutions or to look at challenges as a negative barrier to achieving one’s dreams. Take the positive option to develop yourself and achieve your dreams.
  2. Fight Your Fears and Live Your Dreams – Most fears we constantly think about and which sometimes paralyze us never happen. Yet we will spend 75-90% of our thoughts on our fears. F-E-A-R is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. Get the facts and act accordingly. Let’s “flip our mental script” and concentrate on the upside of any situation so that we can concentrate on achieving our dreams. Fight though your fears and build your courage to live your dreams. (Read the rest of the article and find other motivational quotes and success resources at Success)

Motivational Quotes: Inspiration is Just the Start!

Motivational Quotes:  Inspiration is Just the Start!

motivational quotes, motivation, success, success quotes, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational quotes, success and inspiration quotes, Ed Sykes, motivational speakers, va, virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, hampton roads, the sykes group

Inspiration is just the start. We can sit there and dream big or we can dream big and take action. Once you do the latter, you will go to the start.

For additional motivational quotes and resources, go to our success and motivational quotes article page.

Success Starts with Walking Through the Door!

Success Starts with Walking Through the Door: Seven Secrets to Achieving Outrageous Success in Your Life!

Launch Hampton Roads, ODU, entrepreneurial class, success class, ed sykes, blogging expert, social media expert, social media marketing, bloggingSuccess doesn’t look for you.  You need to go out and create your own success!

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching a group of motivated students how to be successful entrepreneurs using social media and blogging techniques.  I also discussed with the class that even though the program is underwritten by the government and free to the students. In spite of those benefits, many people do not find the time to attend this comprehensive program.  These are the same people who talk a good game of success.  Yet, when it comes down to stepping out of the door and making the sacrifice required for being successful, they are nowhere to be seen.

Success requires you to walk out the door and escape from your comfort zone.  The following are seven secrets to being more:

Let me share the following success story with you:

I recently received a call from a past coaching student. As Senior Vice President of Human Resources at an international engineering company, she wanted to use my services again. Before we concluded our telephone conversation, she shared the following with me:

“I don’t know how much your coaching helped me at that time. I hated my job and the company I worked for and I knew I was better than that. Your coaching gave me the skills to gain confidence in myself and abilities. Soon after your coaching, I decided to pack my things, quit my job, and walk out the door without other prospects on the horizon,” she said. She also added, “I was scared of the unknown. But I knew I had to leave this situation and find something better.”

Well, she did! She explained that two days after leaving her dead-end job she found success. She was hired by her present company where she quickly rose up to the position of V.P. of Human Resources (since our initial conversation, she has received another promotion to Sr. V.P. of Human Resources). She’s looked at as an authority in the human resources field and is invited to speak at various industry conferences, and she is a trusted confidant of the company’s CEO. In her personal life, she married the love of her life. Most of all, she is happy! This happened all because she had the courage to walk through the door of success.

You too can find success on your terms if you are willing to walk through your door of success. The following are seven secrets to motivating yourself to walk through your door of success and achieve what you want in life:

  1. Know That You are Worthy of More in Life – Many times you will be situations, whether at work or home, for so long that you start to accept the state that you are experiencing. I see this many times when facilitate seminars and a student will come up to me and say, “I hate this job. It makes me sick.” I will then ask them how long have you been at your job? They will state that they have been there 10, 15, or even 20+ years. Don’t accept the pain anymore! Realize that you are worthy of more in life and you deserve better.
  2. Set Powerful Goals – Invest in yourself and take time to set success goals for yourself. Create goals that make you feel passionate. Create S-M-A-R-T-E-R (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based, encouraging, and rewarding) goals that motivate you to take action and keep you on track.
  3. Visualize Your Success – Visualize yourself already achieving your success. Take the time two or three times a day, preferably in the morning, midday, and before you sleep at night, and visualize yourself being successful at achieving your goals. The key to your success visualization is already being in the state of achieving your success. Include as much detail in your success visualization as possible. As they say, “If you believe it, and see it, you can achieve it.” See your success! (Read the rest of the article at http://bit.ly/successoutthedoor)